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Sunday, December 5, 2021

This is the vehicle you prefer travelling with

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Even if the Covid-19 pandemic has made travelling a lot harder, it’s slowly picking up again. Whether it’s taking the bus, car, airplane, train, or ship: we wanted to know which vehicle you prefer travelling with.

Relaxing on the train and enjoying the landscape, crossing the sea or lake on a ship, or catching a bird’s eye view at high speed on an airplane – we wanted to know which vehicle you really enjoy travelling with. Do you prefer travelling quickly or comfortably, do you like meeting other people or do you like to have some time to yourself? Every vehicle has its own advantages. 

Lots of you wrote to tell us which vehicle you prefer travelling with. Thank you so much to everyone who took part!

One of the entries will receive an exclusive DW backpack filled with goodies for your next trip. And the winner is Konstantina B. from Athens in Greece. She prefers to travel by ship. She wrote: “I love traveling by ship to the Greek islands. It gives me the opportunity to read a good book, relax, eat and look at the sea – it’s like a journey within a journey.”


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